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William Glasser

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Kellett Tighe

May 18, 2014

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William Glasser

Choice Theory & Truth Therapy

" …we need not be victims

of our past or perhaps our present

unless you decide to use to be. ”

"... it is what you choose to do in a

romantic relationship, not what others select

to do, which is heart of reality

remedy. ”

Dr . William Glasser –

I actually - The Founder: Bill Glasser

Dr . Glasser is usually an internationally recognized psychiatrist who is best known as the author of Actuality Therapy, a method of psychotherapy he created more than 40 years ago and that is at this point taught worldwide. Born in 1925 and raised in Cleveland, Kansas, Dr . Glasser was initially a Chemical Industrial engineer but entered psychiatry because it became evident to him that this was his real interest in lifestyle. He attended medical school at Circumstance Western Book University in Cleveland, and took his psychiatric schooling at the Experienced Administration Medical center in Western world Los Angeles and UCLA (1954-57). He started to be Board Authorized in 1961 and was in non-public practice from 1957 to 1986.

Very early Glasser declined the Freudian model, to some extent due to his observation of psychoanalytically trained therapists who have did not appear to be implementing Freudian principles. Rather, they tended to hold persons responsible for their particular behavior. Early on in his job, Glasser was obviously a psychiatrist at the Ventura Institution for Girls, a jail and university operated by the California Youngsters Authority. This individual became persuaded that his psychoanalytic schooling was of limited electricity in therapies these young people. From these kinds of observations, Glasser thought it best to speak with the sane part of consumers, not all their disturbed side.

Glasser was confident that it was of paramount importance that clients accept personal responsibility for his or her behavior. By the early 1980's Glasser wanted a theory that could explain all his work. Glasser learned about control theory via William Power and this individual believed this theory got great potential. He put in the next ten years expanding, studying, and making clear what he was initially educated. By 1966 Glasser had become convinced that these revisions had so improved the theory that it was misleading to stay to call it up control theory, and he changed the name to choice theory to reveal all that he had developed. [Cory: 316]

Glasser began to type Choice Theory by requesting himself: why are so many people are miserable in their interactions. Unlike all the other living animals, only individuals are genetically driven by need for electrical power. We try to satisfy that require by using what he cell phone calls, external control psychology – literally trying to force people to do what we want these to do. This kind of struggle has led to the symptoms described inside the DSM-IV. Doctor Glasser instructs that whenever we can't figure out how to satisfy the power need by respecting each other, the days that is known are figures. He presents choice theory to replace exterior control and has committed the remainder of his your life to educating and assisting this idea.

Glasser's way has been one of a continuing advancement from private practice to lecturing and writing and ultimately culminating in the publication of over twenty books.

II - The Theory of Actuality Therapy mainly because it applies to Decision Theory and Personality:

The fact of Reality Therapy, today taught around the globe, is that we all have been responsible for what we should chose to do. The basic supposition is that all any of us can easily control is definitely our present lives. Truth Therapy hypothesize that people who have seek psychiatric therapy suffer with an inability to satisfy their need for self-respect, to be liked, and relatedness to be able to love others. Therefore, the chief emphasis of Reality Therapy is to aid the client to adopt control of how he decides to become he endeavors to satisfy his basic need.

Reality Therapy is a immediate therapeutic strategy which is based on Choice Theory and concentrates on the client assuming...