I’ve been driving for nearly two decades now, and I’ve driven for my whole life.

I love it.

I’m still learning how to drive a car, but I’m enjoying the process of getting comfortable with the idea of driving.

I’ve learned to drive for myself and I know I could get into more trouble for the wrong reason.

When I took the driving exam, I was in the fourth grade and had already had my licence suspended for six months for an offence for a minor.

Now, when I take the driving tests for new students, I don’t want to be a newbie in school.

So what should I expect to learn?

The driving test is a very demanding test.

It requires students to learn to read, write and drive in English, French and Spanish.

You have to understand and be able to respond to every instruction on the road.

A few of the skills you’ll need are:Driving skills: You have to be able read the road signs and look around to figure out what is going on.

Driving safety: Driving is not just about driving fast.

You need to know when to slow down, how to react to other drivers and how to safely turn.

Reading skills: This is the biggest skill.

Reading means being able to read things like text messages, GPS directions and phone numbers.

Speeding and manoeuvring: Driving will not always be a fun experience, but you have to know how to move around the road safely.

How to take the test: Take the driving road test at the beginning of the exam week.

Students are allowed two driving tests per week.

Students will take the exam on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Students will be assessed for their skills by a licensed driver.

If you’re considering taking the driving testing test, make sure you’re prepared.

This is the last driving test you’ll have for about two years. 

Take your driving skills seriously.