Posted May 08, 2018 07:54:27 The new driver education course is required to be approved by the NSW Department of Education for NSW students, and the first test to be given for the new courses will be held in May.

The NSW Department says that the test will be an introduction to driving in NSW.

“A key point is that you have to understand the rules of the road, know the rules in terms of stopping, turning, braking, passing and so on,” NSW Department Director of Driving, Safety and Operations David Cuthbertson said.

The new NSW driving skills tests will be administered in September and will last for three hours. “

We want to encourage the most qualified learner drivers to drive for the NSW Government.”

The new NSW driving skills tests will be administered in September and will last for three hours.

The course has been rolled out across NSW since August 2017, with the first tests held in April 2018.

The Department is currently holding a trial of the new NSW Driving Skills Test.

The testing will be a test that students take on their own and it will be similar to the test students take at their local driver’s school.

It will include a set of driving rules and driving challenges.

The test is also a part of a wider training curriculum for all students in NSW to prepare them for driving.

It has been described as the first of its kind.

“This is the first new driver skills test that’s been introduced in a while and we’re delighted to be part of the program and the next stage of it,” Cuthbert said.

He said it would help to give drivers confidence.

“I think this test really puts people in a position to actually get behind the wheel,” Cottler said.

Students can expect to pass the test by the end of April, but it will not be available to everyone.

Cottle said there would be an option for students to get an A* or A*-C to pass if they passed all of the tests.

“That’s our focus right now is getting them to pass,” he said.

The department has received more than 2,000 applications to the new test, but only one student passed the test.

“It’s a bit of a challenge,” Cope said.

There were a number of barriers to getting an A, including not having a driving licence or a driver’s licence, but students were encouraged to apply.

Students will need to pass two tests to be eligible to take the test and if they fail the tests they will have to retake them.

A learner driver’s license, which is currently available to those with a learner licence, is also required.

“If you’ve got a learnee learner’s licence you can take the tests,” Collter said.

Cope also said students should also be aware of what is considered to be a safe driving speed.

“You can only get a learnee learner learner motor vehicle licence, so you can only drive at a speed of 40 kilometres per hour, so we’re not really talking about that,” Cllt said.

To be eligible for the test, students need to: Understand the rules and the principles of the rules;