LOS ANGELES — The Brentwood police chief says he’s willing to make changes to a community where he says officers are being targeted for their race.

But when he speaks publicly, he says he doesn’t want to lose his respect for his community.

In a new radio interview, Brentwoods Police Chief Mark Jansen said he doesn.

In response to a recent spate of racially charged incidents, Brents officers have received death threats and have had their cars vandalized.

Jansen has said officers have been subjected to “racism, intimidation and disrespect.”

But Brents Police Chief Jansen says he won’t be cowed.

He says he will continue to use the force he received from the Brentwood community to serve Brents residents and he says there are some people out there who think differently about Brents police department.

The chief said in his interview with KTLA-AM, he’s not going to change anything in the way Brents people have been treated by the Brents community.

The Brentwood Chief said he wants to maintain the community’s trust in Brents, but he doesn\’t want to give up anything.

The city is a diverse place and I think Brents can learn a lot from Brents and from all the other communities, Chief Jahan said.

We have an obligation to be honest and honest about our community and I don’t think Brentwood should change how we are as a community.

He said there are many reasons why Brents is a tough community to police.

Brents Police Department has been plagued by racial bias for some time, but the chief said he is willing to change that.

In February, police said they received a threatening phone call at the Brentwoods police station.

A few days later, a Brentwood man was found with a gunshot wound to the chest.

The Brents chief says the Brentsters police department is now investigating the incident.

The Chief said in February that his department received a number of threatening calls, including one on February 9.

The chief said on Feb. 11, he received a second phone call and was then threatened again on Feb 17.

He told KTLA, he was never threatened and he doesnt believe there was a hate crime.

Chief Jansen also said on Friday that he has had a number the threats come in.

He said the threats were coming from people who were “in the Brentz community and were looking to be a threat to our police department.”

In his interview, Chief M.J. said the chief has not received any threats directly from people calling Brents.

He did say Brents would continue to work to keep Brents safe and that the department is working with local law enforcement agencies.

Bridley police Chief Meechika Thomas said Brentwood is a good city.

But she said the department was not expecting a lot of problems.

B.J., a Brents resident, said she thinks Brents has made progress but there are still issues that need to be addressed.

Bristol Police Chief Paul Jansen, in a letter to Brentwood residents, said the Brentys police department will be working closely with the Brenters department on improving its internal affairs procedures.

Barens police chief said it has been a difficult time for Brentwood.

He wrote that he is committed to improving Brentwood’s relationship with the city, and he has been willing to do whatever it takes to do so.

The letter said the officers have experienced racism and the Brentx police department has been targeted for racial discrimination.

The department will work with the City of Brentwood to ensure that Brents employees are treated with respect and that all Brents citizens are treated fairly.

Brennings mayor, Dan Hulick, said he hopes Chief Janson makes changes that will make Brents safer.