Students at New York’s public high schools have been told to keep their windows closed, with the department of education recommending that drivers stop at schools.

The guidance comes as a number of schools in the city have implemented no-drive policies to reduce accidents and fatalities.

The department said its goal is to provide safer and more efficient learning environments.

“The primary goal of this initiative is to reduce injuries and fatalities, particularly in high-speed crashes and when schools are not fully staffed,” the department said in a statement.

“We are also working to improve safety in the workplace and in schools, where the majority of traffic fatalities are related to collisions involving school vehicles.”

The New York City Department of Transportation has implemented no driving policy since 2014.

In October, the agency implemented a no-drinking policy that requires drivers to remain at the wheel of their vehicles.

A new program called No Stopping Now (NSW) will also be implemented starting this fall.

The program is designed to encourage drivers to keep to the right side of the road, according to the city’s website.

A program called Safe Routes and Seats (SRS) encourages drivers to stop at intersections, with a red light.

And drivers who want to take a walk or run will need to get out of the way of pedestrians.SRS is being rolled out across New York as the city prepares to start a pilot program in December that will allow schools to start offering no driving.

The program will be used by New York public high school students from kindergarten through high school.

The department has recommended that drivers refrain from driving if at least one person is in the vehicle.

The new rule will apply to drivers in any class that requires instruction, according the statement.

The recommendation does not apply to students who have a learner’s permit.

Drivers who are issued a permit must still obey all traffic laws and rules.

For instance, they must not be driving over or over the posted speed limit or under any other speed limits, the department’s statement says.