By John MaceyPosted on September 14, 2018 07:06:22After more than a decade of competition, BMW and Audi have been forced to look outside their respective markets, as well as their own heritage, to win back customers.

The pair are hoping to do the same for the next generation of luxury cars in a move that will see them focus on the UK and Asia markets.

The two big brands, which have been battling for the hearts and minds of buyers around the world, will make their first big moves into the UK market in the near future with a new flagship model, the M3, which will hit dealerships later this year.

It’s an ambitious move for BMW, which has struggled to gain traction with consumers in Europe since its introduction in the 1990s.BMW will launch a new line of premium sports cars in the UK in 2019, while Audi is aiming to launch a compact crossover model, called the Q5, later in 2019.

The Q5 is set to be unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, but it is understood BMW will only be launching the first vehicle for dealers in the US.

“The BMW and Volkswagen brands have long-term ambitions in the luxury car market, but we are at a time when demand for the high-performance BMW and VW models is at an all-time high,” said Mark Reuter, the head of global marketing at BMW, in a statement.

“In Europe, the new Q5 will become the best-selling car of 2019, and we believe that it is a strong fit for this market.”

We are working with Volkswagen and BMW to create a new, all-new BMW in the U.S. market with a fully redesigned, highly competitive line-up.

“These new cars will be powered by the latest engine technologies and features, and offer a more exciting driving experience.”

Besieged by the Chinese market for its luxury cars, Audi and BMW have been focusing on their own markets for some time, with the Audi A4 and A5 being sold in Europe, while the Q7 will be the flagship model for Audi in the United States.

The new BMW and Jaguar cars, meanwhile, will be offered in the North American market as well, while BMW will also be selling a new version of the Q8 in the European market.

While the UK will remain the main focus of the new BMW cars, BMW will be adding a new model in the Australian market in 2019 and a new sporty coupe in the next two years.

The firm’s strategy is based on a long-standing alliance with Ford, with each of the two major car makers working together to develop the next-generation X1, X3 and X5.

In 2019, BMW plans to launch the X5 SUV, which is a more affordable version of its current X3 SUV.

It will also launch a sports car, the X6, which it hopes will attract buyers from all walks of life.

But the biggest coup for BMW and its rivals will come from the launch of the A7 sedan in 2019 in the Netherlands.

This will be followed by the introduction of the X8 SUV and the X7 crossover, which are based on the brand’s upcoming crossover.

While both the A8 and X8 will have the same basic design, they will be more closely connected to each other and the brand will use both of them as its marketing platforms.BMG will also introduce a new crossover for the North America market called the X9, which may be based on its upcoming M3 crossover, while in 2019 the company will introduce a brand-new SUV for the European markets, the A9.

The brand will also unveil the X10 in 2019 as a new sports car for both North America and Europe.BMD’s next big move will be to launch its flagship sports car the X12, which comes with a revised chassis that will be used in the 2019 X5 and X6.BMI’s strategy will see the firm launch the A3 SUV in 2019 alongside the new A8 SUV, while a new super-charged X6 SUV is also in the pipeline.

In 2020, BMW hopes to launch new versions of its A6 and A7 SUVs, which they hope will appeal to the European sports car market.

It is expected that the A5 SUV will be sold in the Americas, while an X6 crossover will be unveiled in Europe later in the year.

The BMW X8 is set for a UK launch in 2019 at a price of £45,000 ($52,000).