The driving school rankings are based on data collected from a survey of more than 1,000 people, including parents and school principals, by DriveSmart India.

The survey was launched to better understand driving habits of parents and the education system in general.

Here are the top 10 schools for your son or daughter.1.

Driving school – Delhi, India2.

Driving School – Hyderabad, India3.

DrivingSchool – Delhi4.

Driving Schools – Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad-NCR, Gujarat5.

Driving schools – Kolkata, Karnataka6.

Driving Education – Goa, India7.

Driving Training – Mumbai, Maharashtra8.

Driving Career School – Kutch, Uttar Pradesh9.

Driving Driving School- Jaipur, India10.

Driving Academy – New Delhi11.

Driving Courses – Kannada12.

Driving courses – Tamil Nadu13.

Driving classes – Kerala14.

Driving & Driving Academy- Nagpur, Maharashtra15.

Driving Skills Centre – Mumbai16.

Driving skills centre – Mumbai17.

Driving centre – Kota, Gujarat18.

Driving Centre – Kancheepuram19.

Driving centres- Hyderabad20.

Driving center – Kanchipuram21.

Driving Center – Jaipuri22.

Driving Centers- Chennai23.

Driving education centres- Kolkatawada24.

Driving training centres- Goa25.

Driving workshops- Goan26.

Driving studios- Delhi27.

Driving lessons – Kalinga28.

Driving coaching centres- Mumbai29.

Driving workshop – Jaisalmer30.

Driving course- Delhi31.

Driving sessions- Jaisalmond32.

Driving studio- Delhi33.

Driving study – Jaipaland