Driving schools in California must now provide accurate driving instruction to all students.

A bill approved in January by the state legislature would require all driving school drivers to complete a mandatory driving instruction course.

California State Assemblymember Ed Chau, a Democrat from Los Angeles, is pushing for the bill because many schools in the state have a problem with accurate driving.

“There are so many reasons why driving school should be part of a high school diploma,” he said.

“If you don’t have the right to a driver’s license, you can’t drive.

If you don�t have the skills to drive, you won�t get a driver�s license.

And if you don?t have enough experience, you don,t have any.

That?s just not true.”

Chau, who was part of the California Assembly Education Committee when the bill was first approved, said the state should have more time to develop the driving instruction requirements.

California requires all driving schools to teach at least a four-hour driving course.

Under Chau�s bill, all driving instruction would be required for all driving classes.

California is one of the few states that does not require all drivers to have a driving license, and it has also become increasingly common for students to take a driver?s education course.

Some states also have graduated driving classes, while others require all students to complete the course.