As a former driver, I can tell you firsthand that there is no place for these sorts of situations in a driving school.

It is an embarrassment for the school and for the parents of the children involved.

There should be an investigation into the matter, as this type of conduct does not represent the values of a driving schools.

I’m not saying that the school should not be investigated.

But, there needs to be a public discussion about what happened and the reasons why.

When a driver is in a school, they are supposed to know what is expected of them.

They are supposed, to the best of my knowledge, to obey the rules of the road and abide by traffic regulations.

They also are supposed not to get distracted.

They should be trained in how to safely use the road.

They can’t be distracted, if they don’t know what they are doing.

That’s a basic, basic concept that drivers are taught at the beginning of their driving careers.

They learn to keep the vehicle moving at all times.

When a school starts putting the driving skills and knowledge they have gained in an attempt to teach a new generation of drivers how to operate a vehicle, it is an affront to driving school and the students who have gone before them.

In the end, the driving schools are only responsible for their students.

We all pay for the expenses of our children.

The parents who pay for their education, pay for it with their own money.

The school should have a zero tolerance policy on all kinds of inappropriate behavior.

We need to have more transparency and accountability in the driving programs.

The driving schools have a responsibility to parents, the community and the media to hold them accountable.

I will continue to fight against the inappropriate behavior of the driving instructors at Cascade Driving School, and I will be continuing to push for accountability.