By Rajesh PrasadThe students of Joyce Driving School in Kerala’s Ernakulam district have earned a diploma after taking an Advanced Driving School (ADS) from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Joyce is an advanced driving school founded in 2013 and is currently a leader in the field.

The university’s students take two courses in two days and then a four-day Advanced Driving Course (ADC) to earn the diploma.

Joyces ADS was held in a three-day format.

The first day was an introductory driving course, followed by a three day Advanced Driving course.

The second day was a driver training course, while the third day was the test.

The students are also enrolled in the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and have been awarded a Ph.

D. by IIT Bombay.

They are also taking a course in robotics.

The school has also been awarded the prestigious IIT-Delhi award.

Joyce’s Driving School has been working to get a certificate in Advanced Driving since last year.

“The students at Joyce are keen to get their diploma.

We are trying to get the certificate,” said an officer at the school.

The students in the class include a 17-year-old driver, a 21-year old driver, two drivers aged 18 and 25, two 18-year olds, two 21- year olds and a 23-year boy.