Driving instructors in the United States are training their students in a new generation of driving techniques that are being developed by an Israeli firm called Precision Driving School.

The new school is designed to help students improve their skills and improve their driving skills through the use of advanced driving simulations, using Google Earth-style maps and other interactive features.

The school is in the middle of developing its own cars, which the company says can be customized to students’ specifications.

This is the first time in the history of the Precision Driving Schools that they are partnering with an Israeli company, according to the company.

The company, which operates in the UK and Australia, has been working with the Israeli company since 2013, and is looking to expand its reach in the future.

The Israeli company is a subsidiary of Google parent Alphabet.

The Precision Driving schools website says that its software can help students develop better skills in driving by providing real-world driving simulations and real-time feedback on how their driving is working.

The Precision Driving courses, which are taught by a team of students, include a hands-on driving course called Driving For Kids, a virtual driving course, and a driving simulator.

A more advanced course called Advanced Driving School is designed for professionals who want to learn advanced driving techniques.

“The courses are designed to be challenging for all ages and abilities, and include classroom and practice sessions in the driving simulator and real world driving scenarios,” the company said.

“This is where our students get the most exposure to driving skills, including the latest technology in driving and autonomous driving.”

Students learn how to take their car to work, play games and have fun in their own vehicles.

The company said it hopes the courses can be used by parents to help their kids learn how their kids can drive safely and efficiently.

The courses also teach students how to communicate with other drivers on the road, which can help them understand other drivers, as well as how to understand other vehicles and vehicles that may be out of their way, the company added.

The companies website lists the courses as offering up to six hours of driving, and it says that students can take the courses for as long as they want.

The courses will be offered in the US and Canada starting in 2018, according the Precision Learning Center website.

The school is expected to be open in the U.S. in 2021.