Driving school founder and father of one of Australia’s most popular driving schools, Steve Jones, says it’s all down to a simple philosophy.

“Driving is just about getting the car to the next place,” Mr Jones told ABC News Breakfast.

The idea for Driving School was born when Steve Jones was driving his mother’s Mercedes S-Class to and from a shopping centre in Perth.

It started as a passion project but he quickly realised it was much more than that.

He decided to take it on, he said.

“I started thinking, what would happen if I could create a brand that is driven by driving and that was not just driven by cars?”

Mr Jones said Driving School’s mission is to teach children to drive, but to do so with a more realistic perspective.

“The driving itself is really important and you’ve got to be realistic,” he said, “but if you’re realistic about the whole experience, you can do it.”

Mr Jones believes driving can be a learning experience.

When you’re on the road you have a lot of people around you, you have to have a very good eye, he explained.

Driving lessons are held at some of Australias most popular places, including the Adelaide Oval, the Adelaide Convention Centre, and the Grandstands in Adelaide, with a third held at the Adelaide Children’s Hospital.

A driving school’s curriculum is designed to give children the opportunity to practice their driving skills and become drivers themselves.

“The idea is that you get to the place, you’re the driver, and you learn from the car, and if you learn enough, then you can become a driver yourself,” Mr Smith said.

But for some students, the lessons don’t go as smoothly as they hoped.

One of the most popular courses in the driving school curriculum is the “drive from A to B” class.

Students from different age groups are given a range of tasks to complete.

In the “B” category students must complete the drive from A in front of other vehicles and pass a series of tests, which includes a driving test, a steering test and a lane change test.

At the end of the day, the “A” class is where students learn to drive from a safe, safe driving position.

As well as the drive, students learn how to get around Adelaide.

They also learn how roads and roadsides work, the basics of car repair and what to do when a vehicle has broken down.

To get a sense of the challenges students face on the roads, Mr Jones said the Driving School provides an online simulator called “Drive Adelaide”.

“We provide them with a driving simulation that gives them a real experience of driving in Adelaide,” he explained, “and that’s why they love it.”

Driven By Cars’ Mr Jones is excited by the trend of kids becoming drivers and believes the driving schools drive the conversation on the safety of cars.

His goal is to create a safe environment where children can learn to safely drive a car, he added.

Dr. John Watson, the Director of the Australian Institute of Advanced Driving School, agrees with driving schools efforts to promote safer driving.

“It’s not the cars that are the issue, it’s that kids don’t really understand the laws of the road, they don’t know how to respect the road,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

Dr Watson says kids should not be expected to drive in a safe way.

“I think a lot people will take that as the worst thing, they’re going to think, ‘Well, I can’t drive on the motorway, I’m too young to be driving’,” he said