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I'm Saw. I'm one of the pupils here. I do think I avoid really resemble a student. Yet I i am one. I would really prefer to meet you in this article this morning. And i also would like to claim " Thanks a lot very much” for arriving. We know all of you are very busy, so we appreciate you making enough time for us. My spouse and i thank all my classmates as well mainly because they offered me the chance to supply the easy talk, I think, " Welcome & Introduction”. My spouse and i expected this to be easy but in fact it is not. I practiced a lot to give this speech in front of you but the practice didn't job. I feel nervous. But I can speak pertaining to the full time, three minutes. How long went already? Period up? Alright, no problem! I've more to state. I really like my school, Zwe K'Bin Myay. I think it is rather suitable for youths who are in the gutter, like me. " why? So why? ” I do think you would like to request me " Why? ” You know that word is not really strange for people. Our educators use it a whole lot in our course. Many, often she demands me. I apologize I have not any chance to answer it right now but my friends are ready to answer the question. The important thing is you have to listen cautiously. If you don't view the point of what they are talking about, you can increase your hand up and ask " Can you duplicate that please”. Ok? Ok? No, Zero I'm joking. You can notice a lot of speeches via all learners. We got twenty-one students here, 21 messages about almost everything this morning. We don't know almost all what they likely to talk to you. In the middle we mix with a few nice tracks. And then we will feed with special food for your breakfast, we ordered from Hotel Zwe K'bin. I'm fooling again. Fine, Thank you everyone. I really enjoy you approaching and celebrating our School opening wedding together with us. Thank you