What is the pro driving car course?

Pro driving school has just opened at the University of Limerick, in Limerick city, and the school is looking to get the word out.The programme is open to any learner of road driving.It aims to teach you how to be the best driver on the road, and is set to take place over the next […]

Why the best driving school in Canada is a driving school

Why a driving academy is the best one for drivers?If you’ve ever wondered what driving school might be like, you’re in luck, says the best car driving school for Canadians.article CONTINUE READING Adrian Kavanagh, a professor at York University’s Faculty of Business and Management, has studied the world’s best car school.He has studied over 2,000 […]

The driving school of Australia says it’s not going to reopen after it was forced to close over the weekend

ANZ Bank is reportedly considering a $50 million offer from a private company to reopen the Australian Driving School, after it had to close due to financial pressures.The Australian Bankers Association (ABA) said in a statement that the school was closing down on Sunday after it failed to meet the demand for more students and […]

BMW driver to take on a driver training course at DEFENCE DRIVING SCHOOL

BMW driver David Wasser will take on an apprenticeship at a driving school this year in a bid to get him to better prepare for a career in the automotive industry.The German-born Wasser, 32, will take up the Driving Skills course at the BMW Group’s headquarters in Gelsenkirchen, south-west Germany, where he will complete a […]

How to drive a car for free

More than 50 million people around the world have learned how to drive cars using a free driving school in the United States, but one school in New Zealand has decided to go one step further and give all the money raised to help the needy.More than a million people have signed up to the […]

How to be the coolest kid in school

It’s easy to forget how much we still talk about driving school.But it was a time when a driver’s education could help a young person understand what to expect from the road.Today, it’s a time for people to make the best of their driving school experience.If you want to be a cool kid, you should […]