How to drive with a friend at the wheel

A friend can take your car out for a drive.How do you do that?By driving it around and letting your friend drive.A friend can even drive with you and take a nap.That’s not how to get around, according to an article from the National Safety Council, a safety advocacy group.A good friend is more likely […]

How to make a $10,000 scholarship at Cedeno Driving School

The Cedeno school in southwest Georgia is offering a $1,000 cash scholarship to anyone who can drive an actual car, or who knows someone who can.The school, which operates out of a former church and church-owned farmhouse, was established by Ed and Nancy O’Brien to help people learn how to drive safely.Ed O’Briens son, David, […]

How to teach a driving school

tampa, Fla.— The owners of a school that teaches driving instruction and teaches drivers are taking the Florida Supreme Court’s latest decision on charter schools to task.The Florida Supreme court’s latest ruling overturns a Florida judge’s decision to halt the charter schools.The schools are currently operating in Hillsborough County, but the ruling does not require […]

Teen driving school has been shut down by Ontario Transport Ministry

A Toronto teen driving program that was to launch next month was cancelled after the Ontario Transportation Ministry determined it violated its licensing rules.The teen driving charter was to be run by the Ontario School of Excellence and offered a one-year pilot program for Grade 9-12 students in Toronto.The ministry said it decided against continuing […]

How to make a career out of driving school

By John Sibolewski-StambeckPublished November 14, 2017 10:34:13A big part of the success of a driving school is being able to make enough money to pay the fees and tuition costs.It’s a key point for those in the field, who have to work two jobs to cover their living costs.For some students, the lure of earning […]

What to know about the science of driving in your car

Driving instructors in the United States are training their students in a new generation of driving techniques that are being developed by an Israeli firm called Precision Driving School.The new school is designed to help students improve their skills and improve their driving skills through the use of advanced driving simulations, using Google Earth-style maps […]

How a parking lot is a great place to drive a Tesla

Driving School Driving School driving school was founded in 2007, and has grown into a destination for thousands of people every year to learn the basics of car ownership and driving.With the new model launch coming next month, the site is changing gears.Driving School will be relaunched as Driving School Academy, and the company’s executive […]

How Metro drivers can use Google Maps to improve their driving skills

If you’re not using Google Maps for navigation, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on some of the city’s best driving lessons.If you’re looking to improve your driving skills, you can use your Google Maps app to search for the best driving schools in the country.If you know you’ll need a car for work, […]

How to Get Your Sam Driving School to Support Your New Car from Now On!

The new car that you’re buying is not your best choice, but you can use a simple trick to make it more of a viable choice.Sam’s Driving School has now launched a Sam’s Driving College, with the aim of providing an alternative to buying a car from an established brand.Sam’s, which is based in Sydney, […]

NN Nathan’s Driving School opens in Melbourne

News Corp Australia has launched its Nathan’s driving academy in Melbourne.Key points:Nathan’s Driving Academy is located at 561 Eastgate Drive, Melbourne and will be run by NN Academy CEO, Sam BoulterNathan will be mentored by the likes of Dr. David Wollenberg and Dr. Michael NaylorNathan has already attended a driving school and is an experienced […]