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1 . Describe the influences around the development of supervision thought. 2. Economic Impacts which relate with the availability, production, and circulation of resources within a contemporary society. Such as " At the Forefont”, we can see the economic effects of weak markets and declining rates on one portion of the agriculture industry. This shows that how that section was able to rebound by launching a product that seemed to fit a niche market. * Social Influences relate to the aspects of a culture that influence interpersonal relationships. The needs, beliefs, and common of patterns among people support form the cultural contract in the culture. The social agreement embodies unsaid rules and perceptions that govern interpersonal relationships, as well as the relationships between people and organizations. * Political Impact on it connect with the impact of political institutions on individuals and businesses. At a fundamental level would be the various detrimental and lawbreaker laws that influence a person and organizational behavior. Furthermore, the political system has bequeathed various privileges upon people and organizations that likewise impact patterns. * Technological Influences relate with advances and refinements in a of the products used in combination with doing business. Organization leaders inside the global economic system must be aware of all options for improvement. They must stay abreast of the new technology so that they can generate intelligent, knowledgeable decisions. * Global Influences which means by pressures to boost quality, production, and costs as companies try to contend in the globally marketplace. The international, or global, dimension of an organization's environment has already established the most outstanding impact on administration thinking in recent times

2 . Determine the five (5) major perspectives of management thought that have developed over the years. my spouse and i. Classical Point of view

ii. Behavioral Perspective

3. Systems...