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To Exercise or To never Drill

 To Drill or To not Drill Research Paper To Drill or To not Drill Research Paper

To Drill or Never to Drill

Jewelry D. Hollins

University of Phoenix-Online Associates

HUM/111 Important and Creative Thinking

Jennifer Howard-Instructor

October dua puluh enam, 2012


Energy and environmental concerns are among the world's most significant concerns, deciding whether to drill or resort to other energy sources including wind and solar power. " Since the professional revolution in the 18th 100 years, human beings include consumed an enormous amount of fossil gasoline. It has been reported that the remaining ground petroleum including hefty oil, olive oil sands, and oil shale may only last 70 years. Demand for energy in the United States and worldwide is usually increasing with the growth of low domestic product for a offered energy depth. ” (2009 American Institute of Physics, Journal of renewable & sustainable strength, p43) Within the last 40 years, purchase decisions have already been made by the United States based on such events that have affected the oil sector. The the latest increase of oil prices has affected the economy in a negative way. In the 70's, oil prices stayed around $20 a barrel. In 1946, the standard cost for a barrel of oil was around $1. 60 when compared to $96. eighty in 2008. (Williams, 2008) The enhancements made on the US dollar is another cause for the rising and falling prices in oil require. The need and demand for olive oil is giving us dependent upon other countries such as Libya, Nigeria, Serbia, Iraq, and Venezuela. Personally, i believe that the United States should decrease its reliance on oil and invest even more into the options for energy. Personally i think as if the need for essential oil is putting us capable of where our company is not able to lower other countries off otherwise we will suffer our petrol supply. Not merely will having consumed even more sources of energy give us even more dependence on themselves instead of additional countries, but it really is also solution and much healthier. These types of powers are known as " spending renewable energy. ”(Quanhua Liu, 2009; p44) Once trying to come with an open mind and see items...

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