The safe driver program in the Phoenix area is a hit.

In a new report, Phoenix-based Driving School says the program has been “phenomenal.”

The company’s CEO said the program was a hit with its clients.

Driving School is a Phoenix-area-based company that specializes in driving school and transportation safety.

“I can honestly say the number one reason we’ve been able to have such a success, is because we have a very strong focus on driving school,” Dr. Anthony Dallam said in the report.

He added that he was excited to see the program get national recognition.

The program has helped more than 30,000 drivers learn how to drive safely.

Dr. Dallamp said that the program helps people understand the laws and safety features of the road.

It also helps people to “get a feel for how to properly use the vehicle.”

Drivers who have taken the program can earn credits to pay for insurance and other fees.

The program is open to drivers ages 21 and older.

Driving school students must pass a written exam, pass an exam administered by a licensed driving school or receive a license to drive.