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The Increasing Level of Injuries in Malaysia: Should the Government Be Blamed?

 The Increasing Rate of Accidents in Malaysia: Should the Government Be Blamed? Dissertation The Increasing Rate of Accidents in Malaysia: Should the Government Be Blamed? Dissertation

Road crash is ¡®a global tragedy¡¯ with ever-rising trend. Abdul Kareem (2003, p. 31) has stated in his publication that ¡®1. 17 mil deaths arise each year worldwide due to road accidents 70 percent of which result from developing countries. 65% of deaths entail pedestrians, 35% of which are children¡¯. In Malaysia, street accidents represent a major public health problem, due to high number of victims included and because in the seriousness of the consequences for themselves and for their own families. Based on the Ops Ulah statistics, for year 2005, the total amounts of accidents have a big amount of 328, 264. But then, 13, 513 accidents were reported between January 23 and Feb six in year 2006, that was a 14. 8% enhance compared with the corresponding period for year 2005, thus we could know that injuries rate in Malaysia is definitely increasing having a scary acceleration (Chua, 2006). Although road accidents in Malaysia include escalated within the previous couple of years, it is still unsure concerning who is to get blamed with this increasing level of injuries. When the crash rate is increasing, a large number of people tend to blame the us government, but basically, beside govt, there are also other factors that partly responsible for the increasing level of incidents in Malaysia.

The goal of the composition is to check out which parties are similarly responsible for the increasing price of accidents. Although authorities have the responsible about this issues, a lot of private industries, driver habit and parents are usually responsible as they parties as well contributes to the increasing incidents rate.

Private industries

In Malaysia, our highways are popular for its low quality of roads surface and in addition its perplexing identification indications. The unequal highways surface area, potholes as well as the inaccuracy sign board that is unable to offer people with no detailed map to travel from a single place to one more always causes accidents in highways. More than that, the freeways maintenance is usually very less efficient. Occasionally, it just consider so long coming back the roads company to fix those wrinkled road or perhaps broken indication board. Therefore, many people have blamed the federal government for this subject as these factors had actually causes a great increase of accidents in highways. Although actually, a lot of people do not know that in our region, highways are not belongs to govt, but they are work by non-public company¡ªPLUS Company. Therefore , not necessarily only the govt should be responsible for the increasing rate of accidents in highways, nevertheless private sector such as ADDITIONALLY Company also needs to have the dependable on this. According to the Smart Motorist (n. d. ), a highway can be design by engineers with special concern given to the highway floors, traffic control device, behavioral control devices, and highway identity signs. The PLUS Organization should help to make attempt to always be stricter for the design of secure highways styles and visitors management system and in addition improve their repair service and in addition

Subsequently, in Malaysia, manufacturers are essential by law to design and industrial engineer cars that meet a baseline safety normal. Thus almost all of the vehicles produced are easy and safe drive an automobile. But not everything is perfect, sometimes, there are also a few equipment failure happens to be. The most cited types of equipment failing are loss of brakes, tire blowouts or perhaps tread parting, and steering/suspension failure (Smart Motorist, in. d. ). According to Lenny (2006), one of the media reporter for an online press, the Transport Minister-Dato¡¯ Seri Chan Kong Choy has said that faulty automobiles such as automobiles which were incorrectly maintained and have equipment failing were the key causes of perilous accidents in Malaysia. I believe that every drivers should have experienced some tools failure circumstances before as I myself have previously tried two out of these four types of prevalent equipment failure. These equipment failures is not related to the government since it is our responsibility to make sure our vehicle with the...

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