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The Dutchman

 The Dutchman Essay The Dutchman Essay

Victoria Broussard

DRA one hundred fifty five

Paper Assignment 1

Race/Ethnicity: Checkmark Additional

Could it truly be that simple? My racial identity summarized to only a box branded " other”. Is my racial identification not deserving enough to become labeled effectively, like the other dominants [African American, White, Pacific Islander]—it appears not really. With the constantly constant behaviors that world has developed to label people in types, as if 2 weeks . chore very easily done, when in retrospection, race and identity is indeed much more complex. It's like picking merely one word inside the universe to spell out you; sure you can select a word, although is it completely accurate? Would that word represent you in a few years, 10 years, or in 2 days and nights? Same goes for race and ethnicity… can it be really just one word that may accurately symbolize you and me? I would it is extremely hard. What competition or ethnicity is completely genuine, let alone appropriate, and if certainly not, why classify us into categories with " others”? Is there some power in categorization or maybe pressure to conform to that labeled field? Checkmarks and boxes in surveys and questionnaires should not have any place in society or value in which represents racial identities. Those small iconic containers have always bothered my life considering that the beginning of my education, but I did not understand the complete importance of it until We took my personal SAT. It is then i finally realized the pressure placed upon me to pick right now through the list offered on what I wanted to phone myself. Are you Black/African American? Well, more African thanks to my Nigerian mother although I was created in America—and more brown, if we going off colours. Are you Local American? Very well I have a lot of Cherokee in me, but Native Americans are not taken seriously, so would I? Are you Spanish, Hispanic or Latino? Well I speak Spanish and also have a Puerto Rican daddy, so can I be all, or is usually one more genuine? Honestly, is actually all so damn confusing. Can't right now there just be a combination category pertaining to Nigerian, Muelle Rican, and Cherokee...