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Textual Research of To. C. Boyle's "She Was not Soft"

 Textual Research of Capital t. C. Boyle’s «She Wasn’t Soft» Essay Textual Research of Capital t. C. Boyle’s «She Wasn’t Soft» Essay

Lauren Luxenberg

Professor Altenburg

September twenty-two, 2010

Calcado Analysis Essay

Textual Examination of " She Wasn't Soft”

Through T. C. Boyle's short story " She Was not Soft”, the author introduces a spiked cup of Gatorade at the story's end to represent Jason's detrimental approach and attitude toward his marriage with Paula. The author weaves a satirical theme to prove that folks who stay in harmful relationships to keep up a sense of control and empowerment in the world never get what exactly they want. The Gatorade symbolizes Jason's primary inspirations: his very own pleasure as well as the need for control. These mischievous motives possess a detrimental effect, not only on himself, but also in the relationship with Paula. Jason does not strategy the spiked Gatorade structure out of a selfless prefer to make Paula lose, but instead to make Paula forgive him. This way of thinking is evidently laid out if the narrator claims, " What would make her happy, delighted to see him, ready to party, celebrate, dance till dawn, and let bygones be bygones? ” (Boyle 167). Seeing that Paula's would like to beat Zinny came from her desire to persuade herself that she was the best, she would likely be infuriated by the thought of defeating Zinny unfairly. Jason's selfishness demonstrates that his only inspiration for ongoing the relationship is good for his individual pleasure. As a result the tainted Gatorade is presented as the physical symptoms of Jason's self- focused pleasure in search of. Though the Gatorade starts out because nothing more than a symbol of Jason's self-centered reasons and methods for needing Paula to take him again, it advances to illustrate the major satirical theme of the storyplot; people producing poor choices because of a desire to have a sense of electric power. Jason really does whatever he can to take charge of any scenario he is in throughout the span of the story. The examples of this kind of behavior happen to be almost constant. First Jerrika lies to Paula regarding his birthday and bribes her with " carb-loading” at the Nudeln Bowl, which can be routine prior to...