The Texas Department of Transportation is launching a new driving school this week in Conroe, and some drivers are wondering if they need to learn how to drive a tiger.

“It’s kind of a big deal,” said Conroe resident Kevin McCollum, who is a driver for a company called Tiger Driving School.

“We drive through this lot and there’s a lot of tiger activity in there.

It’s pretty dangerous.”

Tiger Driving School, as it’s known, is part of the Tiger Driving Academy, a four-year, $30 million investment that started in 2009.

The goal is to teach drivers how to navigate traffic safely and safely to the right, McCollums said.

“They’re going to teach you how to go from left to right, so it’s a little bit more advanced than what you might see in a regular driving school,” he said.

“They’re really going to get into the theory and theory of how to safely drive in a Tiger-themed driving school.”

The Tiger Driving Schools’ mission is to help drivers learn how not to hit a tiger, said Contee Driver Steve Condon, who says the new course will focus on safe driving and teaching them about the dangers of driving through tiger territory.

“We are going to go through a little tiger-themed course to give you the basics on how to keep yourself safe while driving, and also to teach your kids that they can ride a tiger,” Condon said.

Condon said the new Tiger Driving Course, which takes place this week, will be available online for about a week.

He said it’s part of a larger effort to teach the state’s drivers about the laws of the tiger-dominated country, and to show them that there are other ways to avoid a tiger-infested highway.

“I’m hoping that when people see it, they’re going, ‘Yeah, that’s not a good idea,'” he said, adding that the new driver’s school is expected to cost $5,000 to $6,000 per student.