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Technology and Its Inference on Hr Strategies

 Information Technology and Its Implication on Hr Approaches Essay Information Technology and Its Implication on Hr Approaches Essay



The chapter investigates the background of the study, declaration of the issue, objectives of the study, research questions, value of the study, scope with the study, limitations of the research and conceptual framework followed for the analysis.

1 . Background of the Research

SOS Children's Village is actually a private non-political social welfare organization in whose primary aim is to offer permanent homes and education to orphaned and forgotten children. SOS Children's Neighborhoods was founded by Hermann Gmeiner who following witnessing the suffering of youngsters in the second world war established the first SOS CV in Imnst, Luxembourg. Currently there are 450 HELP Children's Towns worldwide in over 132 countries. The children stay with the business until most suitable option lead independent lives. The SOS Kids Village -Eldoret is located away Elgeyo Highway in Kapsoya estate. The organization was made its debut in 1988. The business runs nursery, primary, and secondary schools for their children and areas near their particular schools (SOS kdi Handbook).

The Kenyan National Data and Telecoms technology (ICT) Policy states the following; Countries that contain harnessed possibly Information and Communications Systems (ICTs) have got attained significant social and economic development. In addition , they may be rapidly changing into details and knowledge-based economies. The Government, therefore , recognizes the role of ICTs in the interpersonal and monetary development of area and features promulgated a national ICT based on the Economic Restoration Strategy for Wealth and Job Creation (2003-2007) (Ministry info and connection registry, 2006). This Coverage seeks to facilitate continual economic growth and low income reduction; enhance social proper rights and fairness; mainstream male or female in national development; encourage the youngsters and disadvantaged groups; promote investment and innovation in ICT; and achieve common access. It is based on internationally accepted specifications and guidelines, particularly the COMESA Model implemented by the COMESA Council of Ministers in March the year 2003. The coverage is based on four guiding principles: infrastructure advancement, human resource creation, stakeholder involvement and ideal policy and regulatory structure (Ministry info and Connection registry, 2006).

In the recent past, Technology (IT) has turned into a wild card in business, a source of option and uncertainness, advantage and risk. Business executives possess often viewed the THIS function with apprehension, seeing it while the province of technocrats primarily considering few features that may have little relevance to real-world business complications. Technology business owners have frequently considered organization managers to be short sighted, lacking the vision to exploit that entire technology offer. Both have difficulties as they try to implement more and more complex devices in the face of quick changes in business and technology (Applegate, 2003)

IT is therefore no longer simply a tool to support " back office” transactions, somewhat it has become a strategy of most businesses enabling the redefinition of markets and industries plus the strategy and design of the firms contending within these people. Distance and time are getting to be less significant determinants of market and organizational structures and processes. The introduction of the internet (www) for instance brought a revolution to the HOURS strategy ingredients and execution (Applegate, 2003). For example the employee resourcing strategy had to be modified so that a company can choose e-recruitment.

Technology has become a primary enabler and, in some cases, the main channel through which business is performed. The world is definitely smaller, and ‘the global village' can be quickly learning to be a reality. Physical location concerns less than this once would. Borders and boundaries, possession and control have become less rigid. In respect to...