How to safely drive while high on cocaine

A recent study suggests driving while high may be safer than ever, and that you can’t actually drive it in the car.A team of researchers, led by researchers at Yale University, have been studying drivers’ behaviour as they drive while they’re high on the drug.Their research has revealed that people tend to keep their speed […]

Australia’s safest driving school: A safe driver’s guide

The Wall St. Journal article BY MARK ROBINSON | December 30, 2018 7:03pmUpdated December 30th, 2018 10:02pmAustralia’s safest driver’s school is now an online learning platform.The Australian Driving School’s curriculum has been developed by the Australian Research Council, which is working with the Federal Government and the Australian Federal Police (AFP).The program is the culmination […]

The safe driving program in Phoenix has been a hit

The safe driver program in the Phoenix area is a hit.In a new report, Phoenix-based Driving School says the program has been “phenomenal.”The company’s CEO said the program was a hit with its clients.Driving School is a Phoenix-area-based company that specializes in driving school and transportation safety.“I can honestly say the number one reason we’ve […]