How to get more of an education

The last few years have seen a boom in the number of schools and colleges offering online learning.But one of the most popular courses at many schools and online learning courses is the driving school.The driving school is an online-only course that teaches students how to safely navigate the highways of Oklahoma.“It’s a great way […]

How a driving school became Oklahoma’s ‘driving school’

OKLAHOMA CITY—On a cool spring morning last year, Josh Millers, a 23-year-old student at the Oklahoma Driving School, was in the middle of his final driving test, preparing for a graduation ceremony when he noticed a sign that read “Oklahoma Driving School.”It was the first thing that came to mind when he recalled driving with […]

How to get a license to drive in Oklahoma

Oklahomans need to get their driver’s licenses in order to get on the road, and Oklahoma’s driving school is offering some of the most advanced lessons in the country.The driving school has two instructors and one instructor only, and they’re teaching new drivers how to drive on their own, with the instructor also giving them […]

What you need to know about John’s driving schools

OKLAHOMA CITY — You’ve seen him drive the famous “Stunt Driving School,” but how about he does the actual driving?That’s exactly what he did for an evening on Saturday, driving to the Oklahoma City area with his son and nephew to celebrate his 80th birthday.John’s driving college was named in honor of his late son […]