How to become a driver with Killeen Driving School

Now Playing: Meet the young drivers behind the wheel of the Tesla Model 3 carThat’s what you do when you need to drive your way to the top.Here’s how to become one of the next generation of driverless cars.Killeen, Texas, is not your average suburban town.There’s a golf course, a strip mall and a large […]

What a drive school in New Jersey did for a kid

Posted February 18, 2018 03:07:58It was one of the most bizarre and emotional days of my life.On a Saturday morning, a 16-year-old kid from my hometown of Camden, New Jersey, decided to drive from my town to the school where he worked to attend a school in nearby Hoboken.I drove there from my home in […]

How to be the coolest kid in school

It’s easy to forget how much we still talk about driving school.But it was a time when a driver’s education could help a young person understand what to expect from the road.Today, it’s a time for people to make the best of their driving school experience.If you want to be a cool kid, you should […]