Nelson Driving School gets first year enrolment

Nelson Driving school in Tamil Nadu has got its first year of enrolment in its first academic year.The institute, founded by former IITs students, has been given a one-year lease at a state-run facility in Chennai.The institute, which aims to promote the use of driverless technology, had been operating at its old premises in Bengaluru.Its […]

How to drive your car with a kenneth driving school

The New York Jets have been getting their first glimpse of how their young quarterback, Jacoby Brissett, will fit in as a pro player.The Jets have hired Kennedy Driving School to help develop quarterbacks who can play with a team of experienced players.The New York native will work closely with the team’s coaches, quarterbacks and […]

How to be the coolest kid in school

It’s easy to forget how much we still talk about driving school.But it was a time when a driver’s education could help a young person understand what to expect from the road.Today, it’s a time for people to make the best of their driving school experience.If you want to be a cool kid, you should […]