Why Brentwood, Brentwood Police Chief Don’t Want To Lose Any Of The Respect They Already Have

LOS ANGELES — The Brentwood police chief says he’s willing to make changes to a community where he says officers are being targeted for their race.But when he speaks publicly, he says he doesn’t want to lose his respect for his community.In a new radio interview, Brentwoods Police Chief Mark Jansen said he doesn.In response […]

How to get a good driving test in your city

The state of Utah has launched a new website that is meant to help drivers get the most out of their driving test.The website, DrivingSchoolUtah.org, will be open from August 1 to August 11.Driving SchoolUtah.com, which will be used by drivers, will help drivers find the most helpful resources.There are several tools that drivers can […]