How to get more of an education

The last few years have seen a boom in the number of schools and colleges offering online learning.But one of the most popular courses at many schools and online learning courses is the driving school.The driving school is an online-only course that teaches students how to safely navigate the highways of Oklahoma.“It’s a great way […]

Barcelona to launch new ‘toy-car’ on road, in-car video

The Barcelona city council has confirmed it is set to introduce a new hybrid car called the ‘toys car’.Barcelona is set for a trial in the city’s city centre in 2019 that will see its first public testing of a new concept vehicle, called the “Toys Car”, which is meant to mimic the driving experience […]

How to drive your car with a kenneth driving school

The New York Jets have been getting their first glimpse of how their young quarterback, Jacoby Brissett, will fit in as a pro player.The Jets have hired Kennedy Driving School to help develop quarterbacks who can play with a team of experienced players.The New York native will work closely with the team’s coaches, quarterbacks and […]