Watch the cross-country driving school for your child

The Crossway Driving School at Crossway College has a new mission: helping children learn to drive safely in cross-border traffic.The school was founded in 2015 by local business owners, and opened last year. The Crossway School for Pediatric Trauma in Minneapolis opened in the spring of 2018.It was the first hospital in the Twin Cities to […]

How to teach a driving school

tampa, Fla.— The owners of a school that teaches driving instruction and teaches drivers are taking the Florida Supreme Court’s latest decision on charter schools to task.The Florida Supreme court’s latest ruling overturns a Florida judge’s decision to halt the charter schools.The schools are currently operating in Hillsborough County, but the ruling does not require […]

How to get a license to drive in Oklahoma

Oklahomans need to get their driver’s licenses in order to get on the road, and Oklahoma’s driving school is offering some of the most advanced lessons in the country.The driving school has two instructors and one instructor only, and they’re teaching new drivers how to drive on their own, with the instructor also giving them […]