Driver education program launched in California

A California driver education program aimed at helping drivers get a better job is getting underway, with an estimated $2.4 million raised in a pilot program in Fresno.The Fresno Driver Education Program (FDP) is a pilot project for the state of California and is led by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).The DMV plans […]

How to get cheap driving lessons with a college credit card

A college student can save $1,000 by buying her or his own driving school class online and using credit cards, a new study says.Read moreRead MoreThe study, published by CreditSights, found students from low-income families who attend college could save as much as $1.6 million by purchasing online classes.The cost of the courses, which can […]

When you need to save money and drive less, there’s a cheap driving academy in Dallas

There are thousands of drivers in Dallas and its surrounding areas.But for many, driving school is the only place to learn about how to drive.The city is one of the fastest-growing in the country, but only about 7 percent of drivers qualify for a spot in a driver training program. For the past few years, Dallas […]

How to drive the cheapest car, Ford says

NEW YORK — Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday that it would offer free rides for all of its customers who take the first step toward a full ride with a car they own, in a move aimed at encouraging more people to buy their own cars.The move by Ford is the latest in a series […]

How to Stop Driving in the Free World

Driving on the streets is an all-consuming chore.You’re constantly checking your phone, checking the weather, looking for a parking space.You’ve got to get to work.And then, as if it were a nightmare, you’re going to have to drive home.But not all the time.This is not a story about whether driving should be allowed, but about […]