Why a smartwatch needs a certified driving training program

We’ve all heard it, from a driver that got into an accident to a young girl who lost her balance while walking home from school and ended up being hit by a car.And now, a smart watch is starting to come equipped with a certification program to help you get the most out of it.The […]

Apple’s new driving school to launch in Australia soon

A new driving learning and certification program for the US is coming to Australia soon, Apple announced today.Apple’s driving school is the brainchild of former Apple engineer Craig Federighi and former US Vice President of Human Resources Jason Goldberg, who has been spearheading the company’s efforts to create a new driving certification program in Australia.Goldberg […]

The World’s Most Dangerous Driving School Is Still Open

The world’s most dangerous driving school is still open.A few years ago, we warned you that the U.K.’s National Driver Education (NDE) system, with a $1.3 billion budget, was failing, and we warned that the system had become too focused on driving and not enough on teaching drivers how to drive safely.Now, after years of […]