Why is this new driver’s education course required for NSW drivers?

Posted May 08, 2018 07:54:27 The new driver education course is required to be approved by the NSW Department of Education for NSW students, and the first test to be given for the new courses will be held in May.The NSW Department says that the test will be an introduction to driving in NSW.“A key […]

How to drive a Bentley: How to get a driving test

By Robert Roberts Brentwood Driving School (BLS) students and parents will soon have access to the same training offered by the federal government’s Driving Schools program. BLS officials say the school is the only private driver education program in the country, and it has been in the news recently after Brentwood’s teachers were fired and some […]

Driver school: Potholes and road rage

In a town where the police rarely make an arrest, the driver school at the Brentwood Driving School is a place where you can learn to drive safely, without the fear of a collision.The school was established by a group of young people in 2006, and the main purpose of the school is to teach […]

Why Brentwood, Brentwood Police Chief Don’t Want To Lose Any Of The Respect They Already Have

LOS ANGELES — The Brentwood police chief says he’s willing to make changes to a community where he says officers are being targeted for their race.But when he speaks publicly, he says he doesn’t want to lose his respect for his community.In a new radio interview, Brentwoods Police Chief Mark Jansen said he doesn.In response […]