A bee driving school has been added to a list of schools receiving funding in Australia to help prepare students for a range of careers

By Jessica Jagger-DanielsPublished June 14, 2019 04:24:54A drive-in restaurant chain is being added to the list of Australian schools receiving government funding to help equip students for different career paths.Bee Drive-In in Sydney has been chosen as one of three Sydney-based schools on the list by the Australian Department of Education (ED) to receive funding […]

Maryland driving school opens its doors to bees

Baltimore, MD—Maryland’s Driving School of the Future, a private, for-profit school founded by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and his wife, is opening its doors for bees.The Maryland Driving School, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the science of driving and teaching driving skills, has been testing its vehicles for bee-friendly driving, a bee-safety initiative that began […]

Why Ferrari drivers should pay for professional driving schools

Australia’s Ferrari owners have a choice between expensive professional driving and flea market flea markets. In the latter case, they can pay to join a Ferrari-driving school. According to a new report by a leading Australian think tank, the National Automotive Council, the majority of Ferrari owners would be better off to attend a driving school instead of […]