Austin driving school to make its debut at CES 2018

The Austin Driving School has officially opened its doors at CES 2017, and the company announced its first new driver for a few years.Austin Driving School CEO Andrew Houghton announced the new driver during the company’s debut at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday.Houghtons daughter is a driver, and he says […]

What’s Wrong with Adam Driver? Why he won’t stop driving

When Adam Driver’s name was first floated as a possible successor to the retiring Chris Evans, it was a bit of a surprise.The 36-year-old was born in Australia and raised in the US, where he spent two years in the Army.He later returned to Australia and has since starred in films including the rebooted Guardians […]

“Fantasy Driving School”

“It’s a real, live classroom full of people who drive, driving, driving for fun.”That’s the premise behind “Furry Driving School,” a video game that promises to teach the basics of driving for the real world.The game, which is being funded on Kickstarter, is set to launch on March 15th.The idea is to provide people who […]