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 SWOT  PEST Article SWOT PEST Article

Brand: Ng Advantage Peng

Title: Case Study On Nando's Cafe

Date: 14/5/2014

Student IDENTIFICATION: 32503102

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Environment Analysis

installment payments on your 1: Internal and External factors to get Nando's

SWOT Analysis

Stand 1 .: SWOT Analysis


Table 2 .: INFESTATIONS analysis

A conclusion



This record is to outline business examination on Nando's restaurant in Singapore. In this report, all of us will carry out environment analysis on the market in Singapore. We all will make make use of SWOT analysis and also PESTEL analysis to perform this. Lastly we will certainly end it with a conclusion/evaluation to sum the whole analysis up. Environment Analysis

Environment analysis is actually a evaluation on the possible effects (both internally and externally) and conditions that will have an effect on an company survival and growth. In order to develop strategy to move into a new market just like Singapore, you need to look into factors that may content a menace to the business or even discover new options for the business. In order to discover this, we will be using the SWOT (strength, weak point, opportunity & threats) evaluation and PESTLE (political, economic, social social, technological, legal & environment) analysis to analyse the factors. 2 . 1: External and internal Factors to get Nando's


Inside the Organisation

May be controlled by the enterprise. (Example by below. ) HR




Money factor



Outside the Enterprise

Cannot be control by the company. (Example since below. ) Government policies

Natural disaster

Economic guidelines


Variety of workforce


Exchange rate




Opportunity, Threats

Strength, Weaknesses


SWOT examination is use to evaluate the durability, weaknesses, prospect and risks involved in an enterprise venture. A SWOT evaluation is important since it help corporations to inform after steps in planning to achieve all their objective. Employing SWOT can easily generate meaningful information on every category and to plan ahead bottom on the point listed away. Below stand 1 is definitely the SWOT analysis on Nando's. Table 1 .: SWOT Analysis


Personalisation. Outlets offered globally. Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, S. africa, UK, USA and many more. This shows just how well the company has developed with the many divisions over diverse country. Healthier Choice. Birds are sent fresh but not frozen. Marinated for 24 hours with absolutely no chemical preservatives, MSG's, colorant or artificial flavouring. Birds fats are trim-ed and flame barbeque, making it more healthier. Differentiated. Portuguese Fire grilled rooster. Said to be the best. Sauces are unique with secret recipe that are not permit known to general public. Competitors not able to copy it can style. Finances. Business opened up globally. Stable business with high revenues. Comparable with it's competitors like APPLEBEES etc . etc . Good inside marketing. Staffs are happy doing work in the chained restaurants. Great values implemented in the organization. Good ecuries are powered by good environment and of course better food and services will be produced. Low cost. Price can be satisfactory though they are of restaurant based environment. Exclusive taste. The chicken make is follow a variety of the sauces. Gravies are of different taste, very unique. Others are unable to come out with so many different gravies that good. Diet Values confirmed on the menu. Singaporeans are becoming more and more overall health conscience. Providing them with the option to decide on how many calories they would like to intake is known as a plus points towards the company. Weak spot

Not Halad. Singapore is known as a multi religious beliefs country. Muslims consist approx twenty percent in the population. Consequently it has certainly not capture industry of the muslim community. Lack of extended services. Major related business just like KFC, they offer deliveries and in addition allows buyers to buy online. Nando's do not have this type of...