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Subaru Analysis

 Subaru Evaluation Essay Subaru Evaluation Essay

Marketing Proposal

2010 Spring, BUSS205-03

Marketing strategy Team#10

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This proposal includes six different parts. 1 . Launch for company. 2 . Situational analysis, several. Marketing goals, 4. Market STP examination, 5. 4P's and Marketing Mix. Then 6. Bottom line.

1) Intro for brand – Not only a single product, although a brand known as Subaru. 2) Situational examination - Made up of economic, marketplace analysis, and SWOT examination etc . This part involves some internal, external features. 3) Promoting Goals – A brand will need to set goals. Goals and approaches must be precise. 4) STP FOREX analysis

5) 4P's and Marketing Mixes.

6) Conclusion to get Subaru's marketing strategy

1 . Manufacturer Introduction.

Subaru is a Motor unit Company in Japan. In the beginning, the Subaru made plane parts. Following the world battle Ⅱ, the defeat of Japan Subaru changed all their business component to Car maker. In February 1954, they manufactured their closed fist proto-typed car named Subaru. In March 1965, they will made the front-wheel drive car produced in mass production initially in Asia. And then in 1984, Fuji-heavy industry, the master of Subaru, manufactured the initial ECVT (electronic-continuously variable transmission). And then due to their technological features and brand-powers, they acquired the certificate of WRC (World Rally Championship) in driver & maker part. From in that case, they have wonderful performance and many prizes in WRC. In addition to 2003, they will got ‘This Year's Car' award during 2003-2004 in Japan with ‘Legacy'. In January 2009, they gained 6th Machinery Industry conference's Japan's Machines Industrial affiliation president reward about horizontal-faced boxer engine. They're named high-technological, top of the line brand. In January 2010, they announced going into Korean market. And in April, they started to sell the item in Korea. Subaru Incorporation. was selected as the most-safe car in 2009 USA, This Year's Car award Motortrend, produced sensation in USA. They will got great reputation because of their advanced systems and great performance on their vehicle. The complete brand Subaru should consider just one product pertaining to the web marketing strategy. And then you want to discuss the entire efficient approach about marketing strategy in Subaru's situation in Korea. They may have no brand-names or whole bunch of kudos than they had got in another market.

[Situational analysis]

1 ) Growth of imported car market share for the whole car market -- According to Imported autos association in Korea, KAIDA, the proportion of new signed up imported cars in Korea has grown to six. 04% intended for 10 years. Through the end of IMF financial disaster, the brought in car market grew very much, but as a result of old car changing job by the authorities in 2009, the imported cars' M/S pertaining to whole car selling decreased by four. 94%. Though their business had dropped, whole car selling quantity is secure about sixty one, 000. twenty-four brands have got registered which include Subaru joined in 26, May possibly 2010.

Brought in Car industry, growing faster, as the left side CSI(Consumer Sentiment Index), and CBI(Consumer Behavior Index) shows the recoveries in economy plus the bottom one the Imported cars' providing in 2010 show the whole deal is related to overall economy and growing in positive path. We can translate it in the event the economy increases in positive direction, the Imported cars' selling in Korea techniques same way to the economic system.

2 . Marketplace analysis -- about Japanese people cars and best selling autos. The make up of brought in car market is divided by BMW, BENZ, AUDI, Volkswagen and etc. In best selling autos, their brands market share in Imported car market is about 60%, and best five selling cars' market share is likewise about previously mentioned 20%. That means the whole marketplace is consist of big brands just like BMW as well as the mid-sized portion is the most competitive and centered part.

In Japanese cars, they obtain 20% of whole imported car industry, and their brands...

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