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let us increase the 8, about 580 sitios that we have electrified; allow us to add to the 28, 398 households who were once relaxed settlers yet who finally have, or perhaps will soon have, decent homes; s FORESEEABLE FUTURE: increase the not less than 40 billion pesos in additional cash that head to education, wellness, social services, and many others due to right and even more efficient number of taxes; all of us feel all the other tangible indications that society is truly changing. * famous brands Mr. NiГ±o Aguirre will be helping form our long term? Just think: Though unable to walk, he climbed all the way to his fourth-floor area, just so that he may vote and contribute to accurate social modification. Thank you, Mister. Aguirre. 2. A. EDUCATION: Let us have a look at our Just before this, in accordance to studies conducted simply by DBM, coming from 2006 to 2008, just 28. 5% of TESDA graduates identified jobs. It really is clear: В you are the ones who will shape this development, you would be the ones that will determine perhaps the fruits of the labors turn into sweet and ripe for the picking, or in case you will but let them rot apart, and waste the chances that the new phase in our record has offered us. 5. Our aim to expand the reach of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program: accomplished. The seven hundred, 000 home beneficiaries we found upon coming into office in 2010 have now grown to almost four million households in the 3 years of our government. * Would it be not right that we improve the help we give these family members, so that each of our young beneficiaries can surface finish high school, therefore helping these people make the most of some great benefits of this program? UPCOMING: That is why, the coming year, families with children approximately 18 years old will be one of them program to ensure that their children can finish high school graduation. * Let us move on to education. FUTURE: Each of our goal is to raise the quality of learning that our kids undertake, so that, once they finish their education, they can catch the possibilities now opening in culture: accomplished. We now have finally removed the backlog we inherited in ebooks and seats, and if Secretary Armin Luistro continues to demonstrate true grit, even the backlog we handed down in classes will also be erased. And there is a lot more good news: now, we also provide the ability to prepare for the additional requires that the rendering of the T to doze program will require. * The problems that bothered Brother Armin in the DepEd are no laughing matter. Just think: one textual content book accustomed to be priced at 58 pesos; since he assumed office, the price of the very same book has gone down to 40 pesos. What would have took place if we have been paying the appropriate price from the beginning? If we got saved the difference of twenty eight pesos for the books bought, at five textbooks for each and every of the believed 20. six million students in our community school system, the equivalent would amount to nearly 2 . 9 billion pesos. These savings alone would have funded the plans to mend and restore around 9, 502 classes. * Close friend Armin can build more chairs and classrooms, and purchase even more catalogs, to ensure that your needs of future years will also be fulfilled. * building up of our agricultural sector: this has also been attained. Just think: In line with the NFA, completely, the country imported more than 2 million metric tons of grain. In 2011, this fell to 855, 500 metric loads. In 2012: 500, 000 metric tons. And now in 2013: the maximum we will transfer, including the exclusive sector, would be the minimum access volume of three hundred and fifty, 000 metric tons. This consists of the 187, 000 metric tons of hold buffer share in case typhoons arrive one particular after the different; in all likelihood, however, private sector will no longer need to import grain because we are still to normal to becoming self-sufficient in rice. In addition to that, we have commenced exporting premium quality rice. * The evidence is in the info: this sector grew a few. 3 percent in the 1st three months of 2013. This really is triple the 1 . 1% growth it recorded inside the same time...