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As parents, we all strive everyday to provide healthy and balanced meals, travel our kids to soccer practice, cheer at the games; attend parent-teacher meetings at institution and educate them to state " no” to drugs and other annoying.  Although we are occupied covering all the basics of being a good parent or guardian, we can always be far too oblivious of the results the social networking is having on children.

Kids today happen to be as technologically connected as anyone on earth has have you been.  They have access to social websites like Facebook and Twitter  and they may be able to chat in real time with the friend who have are a 1, 000 miles aside. Various reports suggest that about eighty-three percent of American youth use their very own phones to get email, mobile internet and texting.  The report further states that these American teens give and receive text messages 144 times a day. If the teens are not text messaging, they are usually on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter wherever they conversation, share photos and video and engage in gaming. The negative effects to be this " plugged in” is beginning to take tremendous effect on children. Because cultural interaction comes overwhelmingly on-line rather than one on one, American youngsters are showing severe deficiency of social abilities.  They are usually more comfortable with technology than they are with talking to people.  They have not discovered the proper conversation and dialogue skills, how to overcome interpersonal conditions and how to date and get to know other people at the rear of the display. Researchers include found the middle-school, high school and students who utilized Facebook at least once during a 15 minute period get reduced grades overall. Many teenagers usually use sleepless nights upon social media with no knowledge of their very own parents. The disruption of sleep has had adverse effects around the teens. They have led to cases of sleep problems, mood swings, focus deficits for school and increased unhealthy weight just to refer to a few. They are some of the critical negative effects of social media upon teenagers and issues that will be arising with kids frequently addicted to Facebook or myspace.  With such mind-boggling evidence of the negative effects of social media upon our children, how come then, are many parents not taking more action to protect youngsters?  There maybe are three major reasons: 1) Parents happen to be unaware of the difficulties involved in the on the net connections.  While kids are plugged in to social networking, only about 40% of parents are participating themselves.  Parents is probably not aware of all their children's " pages” , nor fully understand privacy policies and they don't realize what kinds of public postings are taking place, involving youngsters. 2) Parents don't want to interfere in all their children's interpersonal lives.  Most father and mother want youngsters to be well-known, accepted and revel in a happy cultural life.  Parents at times concern themselves with kids " rights” – all their right to personal privacy and their directly to interact in the current popular message boards.  Father and mother want to allow their children to become as connected as the other youngsters they associate with, and so they tell themselves that everything is alright. 3) Parents are scared to take a stand.  Many of " modern” parents are becoming apathetic to the actual dangers that too much social media can present with their children.  They no longer want to push their teenagers away and they also allow all their participation in social media to look unchecked insteading of making a " big deal” out of it. The issues this new on-line society produces are not heading and will carry on and grow.  Parents need to get off the sidelines and get involved!  Parents have the responsibility to guard their children and be aware of what's going on in the online community.  Research and help your kid adjust level of privacy settings.  Be aware of that can see what they post, and what is staying posted info.  Carry them about online safety. Make sure that your teens include plenty of off-line...