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Sessional Paper No 10 1965

 Sessional Conventional paper No 10 1965 Sessional Conventional paper No 10 1965

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Africa Socialism as well as its

Program to PltUUiing

; " Kenya

FIfty ShflliDgs.. 1965

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African Socialisln and its

Application to Planlling

in Kenya





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Since attainnlent of our Freedom just over 20

months. in the past, the, Government has been selecting the procedures

that will assure rapid financial development and social progres~ for all each of our citizens. Apart from the Budget statement lasf ye~i, the Government made 'a D~velopment Plan 'covering the

years 1964-70. This Plan was ready at extremely short detect ana was intended tQ be flexible to enable Govt to adjust any one of. " the provisions on such basis as experience and new' suggestions. ' Previously much continues to be accomplished in the short health spa. ce of time 'since Independence, but a whole lot remains to be done if perhaps. we are to obtain our declared goals. Iil a recent affirmation the Mitdster for Finance, has assured the country a balanced Budget iiI 1965 and also stated that for the first time since 1952 Kenya will m~et all her recurrent ex~nditure from her own solutions. It is also good to note that our foreign exchange 'and balance of payments positi9ns have shown extensive improvements seeing that In4epen-', 'dence~ There 'have been several deiegations and inqui~ies

about investment in Kenya in addition to the actual purchases that have occurred. We have absent out to get new mar~ets

and' new areas of technological and transact co-operation inside the workJ; В­ Fr9ql the recently published, Economic Quarterly Repprt i~wjll' be seeri that our own small maqui berry farmers increased~ the significance of thejr major marketed create from ВЈ1 1 . 6th million in 1963 to'ВЈ14 millj(;, Deb. in 1964, or a great in'crease of ~early 21 per cent. In education~, while we wait for the final record of the Education Commissi9n, principal school enroIn1ent has been increased 'from' 891, 553' in 1963, to 1, 028, 000 in 1965, and secondary college, education' is being vigorously broadened. In economical terms eighteen months can be described as

short period through which to attain important accomplishments, nonetheless it is clear that almost everything points to speedy progress.

Every along the Govt has been well guided in, ": it8. ~pproach

to, developmental matiers'QY t~~, declarations contaiq, ed ", ~ the KANU Lampante. In this all of us declared which our cC? untty " " puld dev~lop on the basis ~f, the -concepts and- philosophy of.. DetnoВ­ cratic' African So~ialism. We, rejected both Western Capitalism and Eastern The reds arid select for ourselves a policy of

positive non-alignment.



Our entire approach has been 'dominated, with a, desire to

'ensure Afrieanization in the economy and the auto industry service. Our task is still to try and obtain these two goals without

performing harm to' the economy on its own and 'within the declared aims 'of our culture.

The Government features produced this Sessional Paper which

talks about in, details both the theory of Democratic African

SocialismВ· and jts, praВ«tical app to planning in' Kenya.. T here has been very much debate on thisВ· subject and the GovernВ­ ment's aiJD is to demonstrate very clearly oUr plans and also describe, our programm,.,. ' This would brlDg to the end all of the conflicting, assumptive and educational arguments which were going on.

The Minister

intended for Economic Planning and Creation and

his Cabinet co-workers, will help clarify and translate this daily news to Legislative house and to the public so as to make sure that it is totally underStood. We fLank him and, his colleagues to get. the time and effort, they may have devoted to the preparation on this paper, which usually bas received th~ unanimous support. of my Case.

To the country; I have nevertheless one communication. When almost all is said and

done all of us 'must 'Settle down to the task of buildihg the Kenya

n8: 90n. To do this we require political ~tability and a great atmosphere and'

faith at home. We'





. cannot establish these if we,

'continue- with arguments...