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Is it necessary for everyone to learn science?

What is technology? " Science is the intellectual and useful activity encompassing the systematic study from the structure and behavior in the physical and natural community through observation and experiment. ” Science can be known as a subject, reason and possibly our underlying idea. Among the mankind, there are diverse of religions; some trust in Buddhism, a lot of believe in Christian, some trust in Science, because science is proved with mathematical strategies and repeating experiments, in contrast to stories are told inside the bible. I believe learning technology is necessary, in fact it is also important enough to make humankind to feel secure, change the way they think, and allow them to reach out even more. First, research is important because it allows us to appreciate our whole world and each of our role in it. Some of the greatest minds in world history had advocated pertaining to the practice of scientific research. After examining the Republic by Escenario, I understand how crucial learning knowledge, technology, is. Bandeja employs criminals as a metaphor for individual. The prisoners lived in an underground cave, while that they had their necks and thighs all tangled up, fixed inside the same spot, and they simply see things that are in front of them. " Subterranean cave”, " all tied up up” these kinds of phrases represents how humans live in their particular small globe, and prohibit themselves coming from reaching out pertaining to knowledge. Since the text pointed out, " To start with, he would observe shadows most easily, then images of men and other things in water, then your things themselves” (Plato 7). Such text message reflex the positioning of technology in today's culture – persuasive to not just gain understanding but digest and put it as well. Simply believing in information can be not enough; science compels us to confirm what we find out. Science allows the guys to open up their very own eyes. Furthermore, the more understanding we have, the safer all of us feel. Scientific research has not only produces even more practical benefits in understanding the world, but as well slowly...

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