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the agricultural regionalization picture

the credit allocation mechanismВ

identify the key problems affecting the rural-urban disparities within the point out В recommend some essential measures/policy prescriptions that need to be used by the state to assure a more equitable distribution of resources within the regions and sectors with the state

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Agriculture is definitely the dominant area use category in the express. It are the cause of about for approximately 54. 10 per cent of the total physical area of the state. Including folks dependent on planting, more than 70 per cent with the total population of Assam is dependent about agriculture. Together with the increase of population and the development of agro-technology, lots of changes take place in the agricultural situation of the express. The net location sown and also the gross popped area more than doubled in the last few decades. This reduces the area under other uses especially location under forest. Although, the development in cultivation has huge important throughout the economy of the express but the ecological impacts in the changing property use pattern need to be regarded as Source:

Both the Central and Express Governments will be attaching a great deal of importance to create an investment friendly climate inside the state and they are offering a whole range of subsidies and bonuses to set up professional units in the state with theВ Central Government earmarking 10% of Union Development Plan for North East India. Therapeutic herbs and plants

Using its vast hills and jungles, Assam is the home to a selection of medicinal plants and herbs such as for example. Sarpagandha (rauvolfia serpentine Benth. ex. Kur), Pippali (Piper longam Linn), Amlakhi (Emblica Officinalis Gaertn), Hilikha (Terinalia Chebula Retz. ), Bhomora (Terminalia belerica), Arjuna...