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Rev. January 5, 98

Vietnam: Market Entry Decisions


In-may 1996, 3 U. S. -based international corporations (MNCs) were looking at whether to Vietnam, and, if so , how. The world's 12th most populated nation, Vietnam was being extensively discussed as a future " Asian monster, ” due to rapid financial growth and substantial incoming foreign direct investment (FDI) which had been stimulated by an ongoing series of liberalizing economical reforms in the last 10 years. View was divided, however , on the political and economic future of the country, which in turn remained a one-party communist state.


A number of U. S. -based MNCs had been already with Vietnam, having entered immediately after the training of the U. S. control embargo by President Clinton in Feb 1994. 1st to market, amongst much publicity, had been PepsiCo, which, simply seven hours after the lifting of the bar, had started production in a bottling flower in which completely invested with Vietnamese and Singaporean partners, and the following evening located advertisements featuring Miss Vietnam on national TV. Other early traders, which experienced also been ready to enter on the earliest option, included Motorola, Boeing, and several banks and accounting organizations. These U. S. -based MNCs experienced competition by many Cookware and Western european corporations fascinated by the potential growth inside the Vietnamese market. A recent review identified Vietnam as one of the many promising countries for upcoming Japanese purchase (see Demonstrate 1).

Three MNCs acquired each was approached, at their Asian offices and in usa, by numerous potential suppliers, joint-venture partners, and consultants offering suggestions on marketplace entry. The choice they confronted was described by one consultant as follows: It's a extremely tough call. Vietnam is a significant market in the own proper, and excellent plentiful, well-educated, and cheap workforce. Since it was among the last countries to open the doors, it is often able to cherry-pick what it looks at best practice from the appearing markets which have preceded that. What it features achieved so far is exceptional, especially when you remember that really still manage by the Communism Party. Which partly due to the Vietnamese, whom are generally hard-working, and, especially in the south, entrepreneurial. But the govt does appear genuinely dedicated to reform, and thus far the transition continues to be remarkably clean.


Simultaneously, there are still a good amount of things about Vietnam that worry European firms. Top rated of every person's list are the corruption, the bureaucracy, and the lack of system. Also, the Communist Party has just about every intention of keeping firm control and retains some unnerving powers, like the right to take up foreign

Assistant Professor David J. Arnold and Professor John A. Quelch ready this case while the basis pertaining to class discussion rather than to demonstrate either effective or ineffective handling associated with an administrative situation. Company brands have been disguised.

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Vietnam: Market Entry Decisions

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