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Maryland. Jakir Hossain Bhuiyan

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Promoting Management

Point out University of Bangladesh, Dhaka

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Sabbir Ahmed


Maryland Abu Sayeed


Md. Enayet Ullah


Rubeat Binte Hannan


Quazi Shah Newaz Rahman


Friday, Dec 09, 2011

Table of Contents

1 . Introduction: several

2 . Origin of the Report3

3. Limitations3

4. Business Profile4

some. 1 . Summary of Unilever4

4. 2 . History of Unilever5

four. 3. Mission5

4. 4. Strategy6

four. 5. Unilever Bangladesh Limited7

4. 6. Values7

5. Product and Service Evaluation: 7

six. Current Promoting Situation Examination: 8

6th. 1 . SWOT Analysis8

six. 2 . Industry Analysis10

6. 3. Competitive Analysis10

several. Brand Profile of Knorr10

7. 1 . Introduction to Knorr10

7. installment payments on your History of Knorr11

7. 3. The Industry and the Competitive Framework12

eight. Marketing Strategies of ‘Knorr' by Unilever Bangladesh: 12 eight. 1 . The Launching12

8. 2 . Marketing of Knorr13

8. installment payments on your 1 . Positioning13

8. 2 . 2 . Differentiation13

8. 2 . 3. Targeting13

9. Marketing Mix14

12. Problems Findings18

11. Recommendations20

12. References23


In this competitive business world, marketing is an essential a part of any company. The primary two concepts of marketing should be attract industry and do the actions to retain all of them. In order to do the jobs of marketing an effective marketing plan is very important. Not having a complete plan the job of promoting will playing many excuses and even it could create a unsettling consequence for the company. So , to have an suitable marketing plan for every item of the business is very required. There are many corporations in Bangladesh serving in people. All the leading companies have a strong marketing department where marketing strategies and marketing mixture are made.

Unilever is the leading firm in Bangladesh, which is providing the people of Bangladesh above four years. Unilever has its own brands to serve with. Those are – Steering wheel, Lux, Lifebuoy, Fair & Lovely, Fish ponds, Close-Up, Taaza, Sunsilk, Pepsodent, Clear, Vim, SurfExel, In cui, Vaseline, Lakme & Axe.

In addition to those brands, we now have created the advertising plan a new product pertaining to Unilever which we known as as ‘WhiteLight - The teeth Whitening System'.

Origin from the Report

This kind of report has become prepared as a part of the requirements with the course EIB 512, Global Marketing. With regards to this course, I actually completed my own report in Unilever Bangladesh Limited and it is marketing strategy in Bangladesh. In this survey I will concentrate on Unilever Bangladesh's one of the major selling product brand ‘knorr soup' combines and its promoting plan in Bangladesh market. About 54 percent of income of Unilever Bangladesh will be generated in the foods sector, which includes this kind of brands because Knorr soups mixes, bouillons, and seasonings


Though this record has supplied enlightening insights but it has its own limitations. Firstly, no principal research data...

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