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Professional Ethics Component: Insight into the Theoretical Aspect of Values

 Professional Integrity Module: Regarding the Theoretical Side of Ethics Article Professional Integrity Module: Regarding the Theoretical Side of Ethics Article

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The purpose of this device is to illustrate what you have discovered while functioning through the Professional Ethics component. Please show, in your own words and phrases, about that encounter and how that may make you a better accountant. We expect at most about two hundred fifty words, and we will be monitoring your response. Please note that your learning statement should be a personal reflection on the learning you have gained from the component. This should be your very own work and must not be plagiarised.

Specialist ethics component has certainly given me an insight never to just the theoretical side in the ethics but how to deal with different potential real issues at the office. Ethics is acknowledged as a sequence of concepts that requires a person to choose between right or wrong. In a tough situation, accountancy firm might be convinced to make a wrong choice which in result can have serious negative effect on their career or even expulsion from becoming an ACCA affiliate. Therefore it is vital to understand guidelines laid by ACCA Rule Book and knowledge of accounting standards. Additionally , I found know the big difference between Rules based versus Principle structured approach once facing the complex moral dilemmas. In Rule structured approach, we tend to look for something that stops all of us from carrying out certain process when uncertain. Whereas Principle based way is more versatile and thinks new scenarios. As a specialist accountant, I intend to utilize Principle primarily based approach. This module has refreshed my knowledge upon Professional Actions, Integrity, Skills & Because of Care, Confidentiality and Objectivity. It has as well given myself the self-confidence to deal with a hard situation and i also am fully aware of the support obtainable from the dedicated ACCA's helpline. If I ever come across a scenario where I believe intimidated or perhaps pressurised by my colleagues I will make certain that I do the right thing and deal with the situation in a professional manner.