Why are so many students choosing to learn driving instead of studying?

In recent years, the demand for new drivers has been growing, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).In 2015, just over one-quarter of all people who applied for the most popular driving licence in Canada were already driving, the report said.As a result, many people are going to college or […]

How to be a royal driving driver

Driving a car in the Middle East can be a perilous venture.Most of the time, it’s the responsibility of a young man or woman with a certain background, education, and ability to drive a car.But some of them also have a proven track record and have earned the right to drive on the streets of […]

David’s Driving School Gets ‘Dishonest’ Trailer | MTV News

david’s driver school is no longer the David Simon vehicle that inspired the show and was based in Austin, Texas, but its founder is moving to a new home.David Simon, who co-created and wrote the HBO series, announced on Twitter that the David’s driving program in Austin was being moved to its new home, the […]

How to become a driver with Killeen Driving School

Now Playing: Meet the young drivers behind the wheel of the Tesla Model 3 carThat’s what you do when you need to drive your way to the top.Here’s how to become one of the next generation of driverless cars.Killeen, Texas, is not your average suburban town.There’s a golf course, a strip mall and a large […]

How to teach a driver to drive safely

A man who is a driving school instructor at the New York City Driving School has died after a crash involving a Tesla Model S. Police say the man was riding his Tesla, driving on the shoulder of the road, when it rear-ended a truck, sending it careening off a bridge.He was pronounced dead at […]

How to build a driverless car: A primer

How to develop a driver-less car is a tricky topic.It involves a lot of assumptions, including that the technology can be used in any number of ways.It also involves the fact that, as with any technology, there are many different ways to use the technology.Here’s how you can build a vehicle that’s capable of navigating […]

‘It was the most terrifying thing’: Father says son’s death ‘terrible tragedy’

A father of three who was riding his bike to work was killed when a passing motorist smashed into his bike in a hit-and-run accident on the city’s east side, police said.A man and a woman were driving west on King Street when the collision occurred on Monday morning, about 10:30 a.m.They were driving north […]

How to take control of your tala driving lessons

You want to take charge of your driving school?Take your tāl driving school off the syllabus.Dublin’s driving school Tala has announced it will not be teaching tāls for the foreseeable future after a series of complaints about how they were taught and a review of its curriculum.Dubliners driving school (TDL) Tala announced today that it […]

How to set up an ABAA driving school in an app

Posted September 01, 2018 07:04:51You’ve probably already heard of aaa, the Association of Accredited Driver Schools, or the AAAS.If you’ve not, you might have heard of the ABAA, which was founded in the early 2000s by the then-CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, and a few other high-profile tech execs.The AAAS is one of the most […]

How to get a driving school: How to earn the driving test

As a result of the law, a new kind of driver training course is being offered at Dallas driving school.And in the process, they’re getting more information on how to handle distractions and the like.For the next few weeks, the new class will have a video showing the mechanics of how to safely navigate through […]