Katy driving school to open in Austin

Katy, Texas—Katy Driving School, a driving school that offers drivers and passengers a variety of lessons on the fundamentals of driving in Texas, is expanding to Austin.The school, located at 405 Highway 1 and Interstate 35, will become the eighth Austin-based driving school and the first in the U.S. to open after a long process […]

How to teach kids to drive: A new driving school

Miami-based Bondurant Driving School is a driving school based in a renovated warehouse in Florida that is now part of a larger community-based learning project.The school has taught hundreds of young people to drive since 2008, and it has a program that has since grown to include more than 100 drivers in six countries, including […]

When is accurate driving school driving instruction required in California?

Driving schools in California must now provide accurate driving instruction to all students.A bill approved in January by the state legislature would require all driving school drivers to complete a mandatory driving instruction course.California State Assemblymember Ed Chau, a Democrat from Los Angeles, is pushing for the bill because many schools in the state have […]

What you need to know about the driving school scandal

As a former driver, I can tell you firsthand that there is no place for these sorts of situations in a driving school.It is an embarrassment for the school and for the parents of the children involved.There should be an investigation into the matter, as this type of conduct does not represent the values of […]

India to launch ace driving course for drivers

India will soon launch an ace driving class for drivers in the country, to help them in navigating the traffic, a government official said on Monday.The pilot project, which will run for one year, will teach the students about traffic management, traffic and traffic accidents, and provide them with the tools to understand the complex […]

Police arrest 15 suspected gang members in Hyderabad

Police have arrested 15 suspected members of a local gang who were allegedly involved in a deadly shooting that left one person dead and a woman critically injured.The incident happened on Wednesday, when the gang allegedly fired at a police patrol in a remote village in the city of Hyderabad.A resident of the area said […]

Barcelona to launch new ‘toy-car’ on road, in-car video

The Barcelona city council has confirmed it is set to introduce a new hybrid car called the ‘toys car’.Barcelona is set for a trial in the city’s city centre in 2019 that will see its first public testing of a new concept vehicle, called the “Toys Car”, which is meant to mimic the driving experience […]

How to know if your car is accurate driving course

A driving course is a valuable training tool, but it’s often overlooked when it comes to getting a license to drive.If you can’t find a course that matches your driving ability, you might be more likely to get a ticket.Drivers who need to take driving tests to prove their license is valid have a hard […]

Why is no one thinking of the car in the school parking lot

The driver of a school bus in Ohio apparently didn’t see a vehicle coming in from the rear, so he was driving away from it, according to a local news outlet.The bus was being driven by a woman who is now in trouble with the law after she was caught on video jumping out of […]

How to get cheap driving lessons with a college credit card

A college student can save $1,000 by buying her or his own driving school class online and using credit cards, a new study says.Read moreRead MoreThe study, published by CreditSights, found students from low-income families who attend college could save as much as $1.6 million by purchasing online classes.The cost of the courses, which can […]