Which college programs are the best for drivers? | TechCrunch

| Tech Crunch article | Axios article | News article | Google Now search “Viking driving schools” and you’ll find a slew of programs in various states offering courses on driving and safety in the future.These programs are offered by a wide variety of companies, from big-name car brands like BMW and Lexus to smaller […]

Why Ferrari drivers should pay for professional driving schools

Australia’s Ferrari owners have a choice between expensive professional driving and flea market flea markets. In the latter case, they can pay to join a Ferrari-driving school. According to a new report by a leading Australian think tank, the National Automotive Council, the majority of Ferrari owners would be better off to attend a driving school instead of […]

Why you should watch the new movie about a+ driving schools

You’re about to enter the world of driving schools.In the new flick, called “A+ Driving School,” you’ll find yourself in the driver’s seat as you take on a driving test.While the film focuses on your first few weeks on the job, you’ll be introduced to many more of the driving schools that are currently operating […]

Which motor school has the best driving simulator?

WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 06: A person rides a motorcycle in a classroom of the Driving School at the National Motor Sports Center (NMSC) on February 6, 2021 in Washington, DC.(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images) WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – It’s hard to beat the driving school at the prestigious National Motor Sport Center.The Driving School has […]

Austin driving school to make its debut at CES 2018

The Austin Driving School has officially opened its doors at CES 2017, and the company announced its first new driver for a few years.Austin Driving School CEO Andrew Houghton announced the new driver during the company’s debut at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday.Houghtons daughter is a driver, and he says […]

How to get a license to drive in Oklahoma

Oklahomans need to get their driver’s licenses in order to get on the road, and Oklahoma’s driving school is offering some of the most advanced lessons in the country.The driving school has two instructors and one instructor only, and they’re teaching new drivers how to drive on their own, with the instructor also giving them […]

How to drive on the road in 2019

When we first saw this photo, we were so excited! The car looks like it’s from the future, complete with futuristic styling and futuristic looks! In fact, the car has all the classic styling of the old Volvo XC90. We can see the front fenders, headlights, headlights hubcaps, rear fenders and taillights from the old car, but they […]

Driving school: Chicago’s Rusty’s driving practice gets the attention of some experts

A Chicago-based driving school has been featured on “America’s Got Talent” as the competition heats up for the $1.5 million winner of the $5 million driving school prize.“The competition is tough, so we wanted to take a step back and really reflect on what we were trying to do here,” Rusty’s owner and head instructor […]

The driving school where students learn to drive, but no one can drive

BYLINE: JOSHUA STEVENS, Associated Press ReporterJACKSONVILLE, Fla.(AP) A century-old school for students to learn to safely drive has been closed in Florida amid a statewide opioid crisis.The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that the school closed Tuesday because of a rising opioid crisis in the Sunshine State.The facility is in the rural town of St. Petersburg […]

When a woman and her baby drive to school via car on their own, it’s a new trend

A Texas woman and a baby in a car on the road may soon be able to get around without a driver’s license.The Texas Transportation Institute is working on the program to help drivers who don’t have a driver license in other states, but are willing to take a risk and get the same education […]