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1A Physical Education Studies

Task 4

Biomechanical Movements Principles


Stages in Learning Motor Skills

Portion A

1 . Explain in your own words what Biomechanics is and how a fantastic understanding of biomechanics can benefit a great athlete?

Function is a subset of sport technology, through the comprehension of the internal and external forces which make up to an athlete effecting their very own performance. For an athlete learning the functional physiology and mechanics of movement will help the sportsman learn the skill, develop the skill, and also to help the athlete be able to correct any errors that may need to fixed. by way of example:

1 . Coaches employ their understanding of biomechanics for making modifications towards the athletes functionality based on all their skill level and body shape. installment payments on your There are suggestions for buying sporting activities equipment, to suit athletes body system size. three or more. To reduce the chance of over use and injury through their understanding of the strategy.

2 . Go over Newton's initial Law of Motion then explain employing an example from a sport of your choice.

Newton's first Legislation of Action states might object will not likely move or perhaps change condition unless an outdoor force acts against this. For example in softball:

1 ) The such as the will not push unless indexed and swung

2 . The bottom will not change shape till stood in or carressed

3. The ball is not going to move right up until thrown

a few. Using Newton's second law, explain the relationship between acceleration, mass as well as the force.

Newton's second regulation is the total sum of the mass with the body and it's really acceleration. And so if we raise the mass and increase the velocity then the total amount of force will probably be increased. Therefore if we decrease the mass and decrease the velocity then the total force will be decreased. One example is:

1 . In softball, if we use a heavier bat then your swing and connection with the ball will increase the speed through which it journeys. 2 . In bowling, the heavier a bowling ball then the faster it will travel and leisure down the ally increasing speed as it should go.

4. Explain Newton's third law of motion action and response, in relation to a sport which you have chosen.

Newton's third and final law of motion is that for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction, and therefore for every force acting on a subject there is an opposite response. For example in softball:

1 . When running to and by bases, you are going against surroundings resistance and friction with all the grass. 2 . When hitting a ball after get in touch with has been manufactured and the ball is traveling against air amount of resistance and gravity, but as soon as they all balance the ball falls towards the ground.

5a. Using the adhere to headings, select one skill via a sport of your choice and break down the techniques in to the following 3 phases PLANNING



Softball Batting


align knuckles

hands located together in the bottom of the such as the

place master hand on the bottom

feet make with separate

front foot aligns with the top of the plate

stand with your body facing home plate

lift back elbow to a 90 degree viewpoint


stage towards the pitcher

rotate body just before attaching with the ball

lift recover of back foot and rotate ankle for more power

swing bat at approximately hip level

bat will need to connect with ball but perform keep your sight on the such as the and ball when going to connect


bat completed on opposite shoulder to it began on

sides facing the pitcher completely

back lower-leg turned and bent in slightly following power consumption.

weight transfers to your entrance leg because you have used it for electric power in the strike.

5b. Explain how breaking a skill down into 3 levels can help a performer to improve their functionality.

By digesting a skill in to the three levels, preparation, action and follow through, you will allow an sportsman to improve their particular skill level because they are able to give attention to the parts that they helping you with, this enables a coach to be able to the skill down to ensure that everyone can figure out it regardless of the...