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Chapter 36 1

 Essay regarding Chapter 36 1 Essay regarding Chapter 36 1

п»їChapter thirty-six: Safety

Emmanuel is a fresh nurse graduate who has recently been hired by the local clinic to work in the portable surgery hub. Emmanuel is necessary to attend the hospital orientation to master about facility policies and procedures. Of particular importance are the protocols that are around patient basic safety. Emmanuel completes the two-day classroom alignment and is assigned to a ayo to follow in the ambulatory surgical treatment centre for 3 weeks. This constitutes his " hands on” positioning, during which he may be able to maintain patients within the guidance of his preceptor.

1 . Emmanuel is caring for Mr. Natik, a 61-year-old male who may have just had cataract medical procedures in his correct eye. Emmanuel teaches Mister. Natik safety precautions, including stopping the risk of burns while preparing food. A self-inflicted burn is known as a ________-____________ accident.

ANS: Patient-inherent

Patient-inherent injuries are mishaps (other than falls) for which the patient is a primary cause. Examples include self-inflicted cuts and burns.

2 . Emmanuel is usually reminded by his guia to be persistent in protecting against procedure-related accidents. Which of the following is usually an example of a procedure-related car accident? (Select everything that apply. )

A. Medicine administration error

B. Improper insertion of any urinary catheter

C. Application of an incorrect bandage to a twisted

D. Wrong transcription of your telephone buy

ANS: A, B, C

Procedure-related mishaps are caused by health care providers and include medicine and liquid administration errors, improper putting on external equipment, and mishaps related to inappropriate performance of procedures including dressing changes and or urinary catheter attachment. The incorrect transcribing of a cell phone order is actually a documentation accident.

3. The intravenous (IV) pump that Emmanuel is definitely using on a patient failures. The display screen on the pump goes blank and can not be reset. What should Emmanuel do with the pump?...